In this section you can read about prayer in its main forms as practised in the Orthodox Church. Liturgical prayer is expressed in the many services used in the Orthodox Church. The Art of Prayer is a compilation of writings, mainly by the Church fathers, on how to pray, and the section on the Jesus prayer explains the origin and practice of this ancient prayer which is used by many Orthodox believers from all walks of life.

May the sun shine on you and light up your heart, so that you become like a candle burning in the window of a house welcoming the stranger in from the storm. May you treat the earth gently so that the earth may lie gentle on you as you make your journey from this mortal body and find your home in God.

St. Patrick.

Liturgical Prayer - The word “liturgy” means “the work of the people”. Thus, liturgical prayer is essentially corporate prayer practised by the people.  

The Art of Prayer - Higher Prayer (Added on 19th February 2013) (Click here for PDF) Article 1. - Prepared by F  

Other Prayers - Prepared by Father Yves, March 2007 Intercessions Heavenly Father, grant us to love others with a