Prayers to the Mother of God of the Seven Swords

Much-suffering Mother of God, higher than all the daughters of earth in thy purity, and in the amount of thy suffering on earth: accept our sighs and keep us under thy protection, our only refuge and protection. Pray with boldness that we may enter the Kingdom of Heaven, and sing the praise of the Holy Trinity, both now and ever, and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Blessed art thou, Virgin full of grace and of love for mankind, let us not perish in misfortunes; melt our hearts with love for all people; give us patience in tribulations and eradicate all hostility from our hearts, that we may sing Alleluia.

O Lord who lovest mankind, calm our disagreements and remove scandals caused by gossip, that we may give thee glory now and ever and unto ages of ages. Amen.

Mother of God, soften our evil hearts and the rigidity of our minds. May the swords in thy heart awaken compunction in ours, do not allow us to perish because of the cruelty of our hearts. Amen.

We make memory of the chariot of flesh and holy virgin Mother whom Ezekiel in his prophecy called the closed door which was not to be opened until the Lord God should enter by it. He who is true God, equal to his Father in the height of his Godhead and equal to his Mother in the lowliness of his humanity. Therefore we will praise and exalt and honour her who is higher than all the ranks of angels for she is the Mother of their Lord and gave to suck milk from her breast to her Creator. And according to her prophecy we say to her: Blessed art thou above all those who were redeemed by thy Son.

Peace to you, Mary, Mother of God, cries the creation. Like a ship you carried him who forms infants in the womb. He carried thee and thou didt carry him. And the Watcher greeted thee with a message of peace. Blessed is the Lord who came forth from thy womb.

Pure Virgin, who held within thee the Infinite Nature, entreat Christ that he will free us from the lightless fire, and make us partakers of his Kingdom

Holy is the spiritual temple of thy pure llory, Lord who love mankind.

I suffer from the same madness as Cain, and in spirit I kill my brothers and sisters because I am jealous of them; Virgin Mother of God, save me by thy love.

Most pure Mother of God, who gave birth to the inaccessible divine fire become one of us, pluck me out of the unbearable fire of Gehenna.

I have wasted my life in agitation, but do thou give me wisdom and guide me towards conversion, O Mother of God.

Pure Virgin, break the bonds of my heart: ignorance, lethargy, blindness of heart and mind, so that I may run towards the contemplation of God.

Mother of God, banish from me all idols which I mistake for God, that I may glorify thee at all times.

Rejoice, living palace of our God, pure and filled with light.
Rejoice, unshakable walls of the city of our heart.
Rejoice, thou who dost protect us with God’s might.
Rejoice, fortress of all believers.

Pure Virgin, grant thy help to all those in difficulties,
Defend all the afflicted,
Guide those lost in the rough seas of life.

Pure Mother of God, thou art the only protection of the human race on earth, our hope, our salvation, our refuge, our Helper; destroy the audacity and the evil work of the enemy: cover me with thy might that I may be kept safe from all harm.

Sovereign Lady and Virgin, be quick to visit the sick, to heal our sinful souls, and by thine almighty hand, to straighten us who live under the yoke of sin.

Thou didst hold the Eternal God within thee, while I hold the passions within me; grant me repentance that I may become the dwelling-place of God.

Mary, Bride of God, joy and hope of those who honour thee, break the bonds of my sins and tie me up to the love of Christ, that I may bear spiritual fruit.

O Virgin, thy beauty is without flaw and shines ceaselessly on the whole world, bringing the light of grace to all.

All-Holy Lady, do not disdain my heart broken by sorrows, give ear to my complaint, fill me with everlasting joy and cleanse me from my sins that I may glorify thee unto the ages of ages.

All-Pure Virgin, fill my mouth with the praise of God, grant inner silence to my heart, thou who by giving birth to the Incarnate God, wast placed above everything else that has been created, pull me up towards the heights of life in Christ.

O Mother of God, at Thy sight Angels venerate Thee, at Thy sight the human race is saved, at thy sight evil spirits tremble, and when we venerate thy sacred Icon, our heart is filled with light. When the abyss surrounds us and we are counted like sheep for the slaughter, save us and give us strength.