Prepared by Barnabas Wilson,
October 2013

As with all Orthodox parishes, Icons play a vital part in the life of the parish of St John of Kronstadt, Bath.
From time to time, the question is asked, “does a mounted Icon have the same significance as an original”. Perhaps the answer lies in the further question “what is the purpose of an Icon in the first place?” This, of course, refers only to Orthodox Icons, not to be confused with the modern use of the word that can relate to anything from a first division footballer to a preserved steam railway engine! The sole purpose of Icons is to assist us in focussing on some personality or some happening during the 2000-year existence of the Church of our Lord Jesus Christ. They remind us of the great feasts and other events that form part of the life of the Church during the year. They remind us too of the prophets and patriarchs recorded in the Old Testament. Therefore, provided an Icon serves this purpose of “reminding,” it matters not whether it is newly drawn as an original Icon or from the use of prints, suitably mounted. Barnabas, a member of the parish, has performed the work of mounting Icons for the past sixteen years. He does this both for the parish and on a much wider basis. The greatest care is taken in their preparation in the belief that an Icon, however made, should be a treasured possession. They are mounted on birch ply, a very stable wood, and 19 mm thickness is used for all except the very smallest Icon. Many coats of varnish are applied to achieve the necessary “depth”. Even the backs are carefully finished.
Full details of available Icons can be obtained by E-mail at or
Tel: +44(0) 1626 832 770.
Colour ‘thumbnails’ together with prices and sizes will be provided.