Our Main Teachers

Prepared by Father Yves, March 2007

Because of his close link to our parish, and because he has established a unique set of landmarks of Orthodox Christianity, Metropolitan Kallistos has been given the first place among our teachers.

You will also find ‘a tiny taste’ of our other teachers:-

  • Metropolitan Kallistos
  • Metropolitan Anthony
  • Archimandrite Sophrony
  • Vladimir Lossky
  • Father Alexander Schmemann
  • Father John Meyendorff
  • Olivier Clément
  • Father John Chryssavgis
  • Father Ioann Krestiankin

together with General Teachings

In all cases, including that of Metropolitan Kallistos, what is given here is only an encouragement for people to go and study them in their actual works.

The Teaching of Metropolitan Kallistos of Diokleia - Stillness and Prayer stand at the heart of Metropolitan Kallistos’s teaching. Silence is the t