New Martyrs of Russia

Prepared by Father Yves, March 2007

There are very few places in Russia today that honour the memory of those killed by Stalin. One endeavor is at an execution ground and burial site near the village of Butovo, 17 miles south of Moscow. It is now run by the Russian Orthodox Church.

 Executions took place here "on an industrial scale" during the Great Terror, said Father Kirill Kaleda, who helps supervise the Butovo New Martyrs Church built on the site. "Some days they executed 500 people or more."

Records show that 20,765 people were executed and buried at Butovo between August 1937 and October 1938, during the peak of Stalin's repressions, Kaleda said.

 "A majority were residents of the Moscow region, although you can find executed people here who came from all over the world, including from the United States," he said.

 "When I saw the list for the first time, I